June Jaffee: Premier Eyebrow Specialist

eyebrow waxing

June Jaffee is Seattle's premier eyebrow specialist. Trained for brows in L.A. by Anastasia Soare, June has received accolades from Town & Country, People Magazine, Vanity Fair, Allure Magazine, Seattle's Best Magazine and was sited as THE makeup and brow person to see in Seattle by Charla Krupp in her book, How Not To Look Old.

June has a  unique approach to creating the perfect brow and an infectious personality that has made her a favorite of celebrities, photographers, and Seattle's elite.  Booked out weeks in advance, June is THE eyebrow technician for men or women looking for the perfectly shaped and groomed brow. 

June is also a top makeup professional working with select clients for special occasions, weddings and photoshoot styling. 


June Jaffee Brow, Lip, Chin Wax w/ Brow Tint  $115.00

June Jaffee Brow & Lip Wax  $60.00

June Jaffee Brow Tint  $30.00

June Jaffee Brow Tint & Lash Tint $65.00

June Jaffee Brow Wax  $45.00

June Jaffee- Brow Wax & Brow Tint  $70.00

June Jaffee Brow, Lip & Chin Wax  $85.00

June Jaffee Cheek Wax  $25.00

June Jaffee Chin Wax  $25.00

June Jaffee Full Face Wax  $130.00

June Jaffee Full Face Wax, Brow & Lash Tint $190.00

June Jaffee Lash Tint  15 minutes $35.00

June Jaffee Lip Wax  $20.00

June Jaffee Makeup  $150.00