Better than a big sister’s closet, Swink is just for you.

 Name your beauty obsession and we’re on it. Or we’ll teach you how to get it. Hair that speaks your style. Makeup that makes you look your best. Skin care that calms moody skin. Tons of sparkle, so you shine. Just for Teens.


Cool things to do with your hair:

  • Swink blowout (includes shampoo and conditioner) $40
  • Dry hair style (no wash - hair is styled down with hot tools) $40 
  • Dry hair style lesson $45
  • Updos $65– perfect for dances, parties and special occasions

Makeup & Beauty Secrets

  • Start to finish makeup $45 (30 min)
  • Temporary lashes $15
  • Teen makeup lesson $55

Boutique Products & Accessories

  • Tons of makeup and nail polish in the hottest colors
  • Hair accessories and jewelry from Paris, New York and LA
  • The best flat irons, brushes and combs


*prices subject to change